Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Glamping in Cornwall

Zamping, the new Glamping

Forget the Injuns, this is a glampsite
As someone who isn't a great fan of putting tents up in the rain or not sleeping the explosion in popularity of 'glamping' can only be seen as a positive. Glamorous camping might not be quite packaged and named to attract my sort but the essence of it appeals. Maybe I could coin a phrase here and now - 'zamping' - it's a the combination of lazy and camping!

Anyway, what's not to like about rocking up at the campsite (or should I say glampsite) with the tent already up and waiting for you. And as if that wasn't good enough these are tents you can stand up in. Call them yurts, bell-tents, safari tents, Bedouin birthing tents, I don't care. I have even heard tell of tents with real beds in. Imagine that, coming in, smelling of camp fires and crashing out on a mattress.
Enough said, my days of putting tents up are over. Make mine a tipi...


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